Meet Monsieur Miaow. He’s got kibbles on his mind.

To celebrate my long-time love of cowboy boots, I made these cute patches based on my Kinky Boots illustration. Available on my Etsy shop now (www.etsy.com/shop/oohkatieq). Patch Game: Strong!

Happy Easter, bunnies!

More drawing a day designs from 21 – 29 February. Squiggles are a recurring theme!

More designs and doodles from my ‘drawing a day’ project this month. I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to keep right on going through March and beyond! Here are days 11 – 20.

This month I am doing a drawing or design each day. These range from doodles in my sketchbook to development of ideas in Photoshop or Illustrator; and here are my efforts for days 1 – 10. Party on Wayne!

more images of the Space Girl design/ collage I completed recently... with a liberal sprinkling of gifs. yeah!

Something a little bit different for me - say hi to Space Girl!

Here's a few designs I've just completed for an exhibition of my work, starting on 5 January at the Good Spirits co. in Glasgow (look 'em up!). The original drawings will be for sale, and I'll have prints on offer in my Etsy shop (look it up too!).

Drew this little design for some new parents with Beatlemania. let's hope little Ava likes the Fab Four as well!

Here's a few of the 21 images I produced for a children's book on behalf of Roshni, a charity dedicated to working with children, young people and vulnerable adults within minority ethnic communities across Scotland.

The book is one of a series of nine, with each focusing on a different issue that would normally be difficult to discuss with young children. The subject of this particular book is neglect. The project was a collaborative effort with the charity, as I was provided the text for the story and given backgrounds for each of the characters.

Ta daaaa!

Mrs Egg says hey hey hey. Think I'm going to paint this little lady.

Made a little print for my big brother and his wife - they got married this week! All the guests got a little cactus as a present.

Raise your goblet of rock

I recently finished this piece for a love struck lobster who wanted an anniversary present for his lovely lady. Who says romance is dead?

Just finished this design for a pal who wanted a bright print for their kitchen. There's a storm brewing!

Watched Clueless tonight and was inspired by Cher's revolving wardrobe to start a new design for my shop. Even nicer threads coming soon!

Sketches for a new commission and for fun. Looking forward to adding more to this story as sometimes I'm happier with what I produce in my sketchbook!

Pa pa pa paaaaaa! My kitchen print is complete. Looking forward to getting this printed up, super size!

My copy of Poor Lass Zine arrived this morning! With a lovely thank you note in the back. Well chuffed.